Accessing Your Online Chart
We at Cove Family and Sports Medicine are happy to be able to
offer online access to your chart.  Once you are a registered
patient, you will be assigned a user-name and password to view
(by clicking the link below) the following pieces of your medical

  • Major Problems, Procedures, and Diagnoses
  • Current and past medications
  • Lab results - currently, most lab results have been stored
    in lab-miscellaneous.  By the end of September, results
    will likely be in the lab tables.

If you see any errors on your chart or have any questions,
please write them down and let us know at your next

The link to your chart can be accessed by clicking below:

From there, you will need to enter the user-name and password
given to you by our receptionists during registration.  If you have
not received these, you may call our office or wait until your next
Cove Family and Sports Medicine
5540 Highway 431 South
Huntsville, AL 35741
Currently, online chart access is down.  
Our software vendor, Practice Partner,
is working on this problem (so they say).