New Patient Registration
After calling and scheduling your appointment, you will be given
the option of registering with us over the internet prior to your
office visit.  The advantage to you is that your forms can be
filled out in the comfort of your own home instead of in a waiting
room with a clipboard balanced on your knee.

Prior to starting, please gather the following information:

  • Name and demographic information on the patient being
    registered and the person financially responsible for the
  • Insurance information including carrier, group number,
    and ID of the insured person.
  • Knowledge of the patient's medical history, including
    current and past medical problems, family medical
    problems, and any current complaints of the patient.

To access the registration form, please copy the following web
address into your browser (we are working on a link - sorry for
the inconvenience):

From there, click the new patient button at the bottom of the
screen to get started.  The password should be given to you
when you make your appointment.  Call the office if you have
any questions.
Cove Family and Sports Medicine
5540 Highway 431 South
Huntsville, AL 35741
Online new patient registration is currently
down.  If you would like to pre-register,
you may pick up your paperwork or ask us
to mail or fax it to you.