Our Office
We have a well equipped, full
service family and sports medicine
center.  Check out what you'll find
when you pay us a visit:

Waiting Room

We strive to make our waiting room comfortable and
attractive, to help make you feel at home.  We try to
supply up to date educational and reading materials to
suit a variety of tastes.

Treatment Areas

We have a total of 9 examination rooms.  One of these
rooms is specially equipped for video/biomechanical
analysis, including a treadmill for running evaluations and
a Computrainer for cycling evaluations.  Another of our
rooms is designed for procedures, equipped with a
procedure chair and special lighting.  We also have
designated pediatric rooms and orthopedic rooms.  
Each of our exam rooms will have seating for you and
another guest.  If additional seating is needed, we would
be happy to accommodate.
Cove Family and Sports Medicine
5540 Highway 431 South
Huntsville, AL 35741