Video Running Analysis
At Cove Family and Sports Medicine, we understand how
important it is for our runners to stay healthy and free of injury.  
That's why we offer a running analysis to any of our athletes
with chronic injuries.  From plantar fascitis to chronic back pain,
many of the aches and pains that runners experience can be
traced back to a biomechanical problem that can often be
corrected once it is evident.  

Working with Dr. Jon Krichev, you will start by discussing your
training and racing habits to help tease out any issues that
might be furthering your problems.  Then we videotape you on a
treadmill in our office from the back, side, and front.  Carolyn
Adsit, our exercise physiologist, transfers your videotaped gait
to the computer, where she measures a number of important
angles during your stride.  These are then evaluated in light of
any problems you are having, as well as any you might be
predisposed to.  There will be ample time to discuss our findings
with Carolyn or the physician.  Also, you will be provided
printouts of your results along with any pertinent photographs to
illustrate abnormal or exceptional findings.  Recommendations
will be made to help correct any abnormalities that can be

For the time being, this service is not payed for by insurance
companies.  However, we will do our best to make it as
affordable as possible.  If you have any identifiable injury, the
medical portion of the analysis will be reimbursed by insurance.  
Also, re-analysis will be available to you at a reduced rate to
assess your progress if you are interested.