Sports Medicine Staff

Our sports medicine program is led by our 3 physicians, all
highly familiar with the medical needs of active individuals
and athletes.  Each of our physicians were college athletes
and have since continued to compete in various arenas.  

Sports Medicine Services

When medically necessary as deemed by your physician,
the following services are often
reimbursed by your
insurance company:
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Testing for Exercise-Induced Asthma/Bronchospasm
    using treadmill or personal cycle
  • Joint and soft tissue injections including Synvisc
  • Acute and chronic injury evaluation and management
  • Nutritional Counseling (covered in some
Sports Medicine
Our goal at Cove Family and
Sports Medicine is to help keep
individuals of all ages active and
healthy throughout their lives.  
Whether a weekend warrior or a
college superstar, we have the
knowledge to help keep you on
your game.