Technology at
our Office
Electronic Medical Records

In order to best serve your medical needs, we utilize a
state of the art electronic medical records system,
Practice Partner, by Physician Microsystems.  Our
goal is to have a paperless office!  No more waiting
while we search for your chart.  Prescriptions can be
renewed with the click of a button.  A summary of your
medical history can be transmitted to consultants by
email, and just as easily be printed for your own
personal records.  

Internet Access

After a couple of months of testing, we are proud to
be one of only a handful of offices in the country to
offer a link to our patient's own personal chart over the
Internet!  For security, you will be assigned a
password to access your chart the moment you
become a patient at our practice.  You'll be able to
register prior to your first visit, check or even graph
your past vital signs, print a list of your medications or
medical problems, and even look up your most recent
lab results.  Imagine being in an emergency room and
being able to access an old EKG for the ER
physician to make comparisons.  This could really be
a life-saver!
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Internet Visits* (coming soon)

Using secure, proven technology, we hope in the
future to offer Internet visits as an option for our
patients.  This means that at the physician's and
patient's discretion, simple visits that don't require
face to face contact may be handled at the patient's
convenience from home.  As of today, most insurance
companies in our state are not paying for this service,
but this is changing around the country (albeit slowly).  
Until reimbursement changes, we will have a
reasonable fee schedule for this service depending
on the complexity of the problem.  
*This service is not available yet.
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